Monday, November 12, 2001

Ok Ok i know i should know better but anyway.............
Well we all met at Megans place on Friday, the only girls that were there were me, megan and heather, Matt and Chris also turned up as well as the rest of the guys. All the guys were drunk except JamesH. Scott was being such a prick, he was drunk and stoned and not handeling it at all. Over this last week everyone thought that by the end of it Nienke and Scott would be some sort of couple, well i think i proved that theory wrong. Me, Scott and Matt went for a walk because i wanted to find out what was going on between Scott and Nienke, and Matt came as a chaperone. We talked for a bit then Matt went back to the others and Scott ended up kissing me. After a while everyone stopped caring about the after effects on Nienke and we just had fun. Anton had this thing about 'fudgepacking' quite funny. A little later we all went for KFC and everyone was mocking Scott because his fly was down, we went back to JamesH place and since me, scott, matt, chris and anton, had no idea how to get into James house we waited outside, Scott sat on the fence and he must have tipped backwards or something because the fence fell down, everyone just lost then and we were making jokes and everything. Next friday we hope to get back together again except this time without scott because hes in Ireland at the moment. I still have no regrets 'hooking up' with him........again.

Saturday, November 03, 2001

I just want to write thats all i feel like doing, well mainly typing i guess. Well last night i went to megans and James Roach, James Hills, Scott, Heather, Holly, Nienke and Anton (and me) were there, JamesH had far too many vodka and orange shots to drink, Heather his Girlfriend is so pissed off with him, everyone was getting along fine and then we went across the road to the playground, that was fine too, until dumbass james told people what to do, everyone ended up bored or shitty i woke up laughing this morning because everyones behaviour including mine was so pathetic, but it was all in good company even if we are being "over-protective" to each other. This Friday hopefully JamesH, JamesR, Anton, Scott, Heather, Megan and Me will all be together to say goodbye to Scott and have somesort of gathering, it'll be fun..........even though when someone (J.H) gets drunk it ruins it for everyone, all in good fun, all in good company.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

The field trip was so cool! Sun, Surf, no work and lots of fun. Tomorrow me and Matt and going to do something, im guessing just going into town and stuff. Its starting to become summer now and going to the Mount today was just the trick for everyone to work on their tans, Yes the weekend! Don't know of any parties though, so maybe next weekend

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Went to the movies, saw Rush Hour 2, Awesom movie now all i have to do is watch the first one. Matt picked me up from mums work and i was trying to talk to him but he kept putting the CD on, i finally managed to talk to him and in the end he got the last word by putting the CD on and turning it up

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

What i can i say but my neighbours a faggot, he was yelling crap at my dad because.........well i have no actual idea why but i bet its not a good reason. No school tomorrow - teacher strike days ROCK! - and we may not have to go to school next Tuesday either. Im going to see Rush Hour 2 with Simmi and some others tomorow, YAY i get to go in Matts car again, too much sugar today i think

Sunday, October 07, 2001

Found out today that there will be a nation wide teacher strike on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news all day! And then on Friday i have a fieldtrip to Mount Manganui and Tauranga, even better. On Thursday i think that i will be at the library doing my classics assignment and then maybe catch a movie. I soooooooo dont want to go to school tomorrow, were not even doing anything remotely helpful to our future in the "real world". Oh well we'll just have to wait.

Saturday, October 06, 2001

Today my Aunt and Uncle from Rotorua are here, daylight savings is so awkward, im glad i slept in. I have to go back to school tomorrow, yeah that sucks especially after two weeks of no school.