Saturday, November 03, 2001

I just want to write thats all i feel like doing, well mainly typing i guess. Well last night i went to megans and James Roach, James Hills, Scott, Heather, Holly, Nienke and Anton (and me) were there, JamesH had far too many vodka and orange shots to drink, Heather his Girlfriend is so pissed off with him, everyone was getting along fine and then we went across the road to the playground, that was fine too, until dumbass james told people what to do, everyone ended up bored or shitty i woke up laughing this morning because everyones behaviour including mine was so pathetic, but it was all in good company even if we are being "over-protective" to each other. This Friday hopefully JamesH, JamesR, Anton, Scott, Heather, Megan and Me will all be together to say goodbye to Scott and have somesort of gathering, it'll be fun..........even though when someone (J.H) gets drunk it ruins it for everyone, all in good fun, all in good company.